Can I bring my children?
Due to the nature of the program, only adults may participate.
How should I pay?
Please pay by credit card when making your reservation.
What if I want to cancel my reservation after paying for it?
If you cancel within the stated time frame for cancellation, we will reimburse your money after subtracting the applicable cancellation fees. When cancelling a reservation, please provide your bank account information for reimbursement via wire transfer.
(1) Cancellation up to 14 and eight days in advance: 50% of total cost
(2) Cancellation on day of plan and up to seven days in advance: 100% of total cost
(3) Cancellation without notice: 100% of total cost
Can I get a refund if I am unable to participate due to urgent business on the day of the plan?
No. Since the food and the performers will have already been reserved, no refund can be given. Please also note that, due to the nature of the program, no refund can be given after you have participated in the program.
Do I need to register as a member?
You can make reservations without registering as a member. However, being registered as a member makes it easier for you to confirm or cancel reservations.
Can I establish an agency agreement?
Please contact us via the inquiry form. After reviewing the contents of your inquiry, we will send you details by e-mail.

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